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Dedications & Tributes

Dedications are the opportunity to recognize and honor a special person by dedicating a specific permanent feature at either City Green’s Schultheis Farm location in Clifton or Learning Garden in Eastside Park, Paterson. Please choose from the items below and fill out the form to purchase your dedication. For all dedication inquiries, please contact the City Green office at 973.869.4086 or via email at

Dedication options are as follows:

Educational Signs
Playing the role of educator, these vibrant displays in the City Green Gardens and Farms play an important role in providing information on vegetation and environmental concepts to garden visitors of all ages
Fruit Tree
Blossoms with the sweetest of fruits and shares its gifts with all
Shade Tree
Provides essential protections both through the serene days and the storms
A Bench
A welcome respite to those who are weary from toiling in the gardens or fields or for those who simply wish to revel in the beauty of nature.
An artistic medium used to display beautiful floral and fruit vines.


Dedication Form
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Tributes are the opportunity to make a financial gift in memory of or in honor of a special person. For each tribute, the honoree will receive a notification card of the gift made in their name. For a memorial tribute, the family or friend of the honoree will receive the gift notification. Please fill out the form to purchase your tribute. For all tribute inquiries, please contact the City Green office at 973.869.4086 or via email at

**Please remember, all Dedications and Tributes are tax-deductible gifts and eligible for a matching gift through participating employers. Please inquire at your place of employment to see if they support a matching gift program.


Tribute Form
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